About Us

Sedona Tour Guide, Bevin McCabe

The inspiration and instigator behind this company is Sedona Tour Guide, Bevin McCabe. She has spent her lifetime exploring the landscapes of the Colorado Plateau, in all of it’s various moods and seasons. She has done so as an archeological guide and backcountry ranger in a National Park near Monument Valley. In Southern Utah she owned a 200 acre wilderness ranch on the edge of the Grand Staircase National Monument where she ran multi-day pack trips in the Escalante River wilderness using llamas. More recently she has lived in Sedona where she has worked as an off road jeep tour guide and hiking guide for over 10 years. She is connected very deeply to the heart of this country and her passion is to share it with her guests.

What People Say About Our Tours

  • I was recently in Sedona and had the privilege of meeting Bevin. I was looking for a unique experience suited to my interests in the area. I gave Bevin an idea of the kind of things that I was looking to do. She was wonderful at identifying areas that would meet my interests. They were all areas off the beaten path. Had I not met Bevin, I would never have found them on my own!!! She provided safe transportation along with historical and anthropological facts about the areas we explored. I plan on returning to the area with other friends and family members and I will definitely employee Bevin again. I would encourage anyone to break away from the pre-fabricated tours in Sedona and try a solo tour with Bevin. She is well acquainted with the area and is a lovely person with whom to spend several hours. I give her 5 ⭐️!