Arizona / Utah  Guided 4-Day Camping Trip

About This Trip

Soul of the Southwest is a full service guiding company. We offer a variety of trips, of varying destinations and time intervals. In addition to the listed trips we also offer custom trips that we put together based on a combination of your destination and hiking desires.

Our favorite and most popular trip is the 4 day camping trip. This is our favorite trip because we get you for four days and in that time get to turn you on to some of the most beautiful, yet rarely visited landscapes from a road trip format.

We call ourselves Soul of the Southwest because, just like with the human form, there is more to this landscape than the physical structures. We pay attention to the rocks and to their history as etched into their faces. We admire the play of light on the landscape, as the relationship of earth to sky is moody and ever changing, never static! We take the time to listen to the sounds around us, like the ebb and flow of the wind as it dances through the trees, reminding us of our core values. We observe the creatures as they leave us clues as to the secrets of survival in the beautiful and barren deserts. We discover the lifestyles of the prehistoric pueblo people that built their homes in the cliffs and flourished culturally in the ever-changing climate of the Southwest.

All of these details point to a deeper story than what meets the eye on first glance. All of them tell a story of the richness of the soul of the planet, mother earth, and that she is ever-changing and in constant relationship and balance with all of the diverse history and life forms that call her home.

Length: 4 days

Cost:  $1200/person

Two people minimum to book a trip

Group size maximum is 8 guests



Day 1

Your adventure begins in the breathtaking red rocks of Sedona, Arizona with a long-time local guide that will give you exclusive tours of the iconic vistas and vortex spots of this mystical community. You will also be introduced to hiking in the Southwest with the unique geography and geology of the Colorado Plateau, the world’s second largest plateau. As you hike you will learn how the true magic of Sedona relates to the more remote areas you will be visiting in the days to follow. After a full day of fun we will retreat to the base camp where cocktails and dinner will be enjoyed around a campfire.

Day 2

Day two begins with a hearty breakfast at sunrise and lots of photo opportunities of the sunlight warming up Sedona.  Then our journey takes us up Oak Creek Canyon and across the Navajo Reservation with it’s unique landscape to Lake Powell.  There will be a brief stop for photos overlooking the rim of Marble Canyon, then on past the town of Page to a remote dirt road that traverses through some of the most unusual landscape in the country.  Barren and moon like, yet beautiful, the road will lead us to the North edge of Lake Powell to Alstrom Point for a truly soul shattering view of Glen Canyon and Lake Powell.  It is here near the rim of the canyon, that we will set up camp for the second night, explore and enjoy dinner and sunset.

Day 3

Day three begins with yoga on the rim for interested takers, followed by a healthy and scrumptious breakfast and then the journey onwards to Monument Valley, Utah. Before leaving Page, however, there is an opportunity to visit Antelope Canyon, another unique and photogenic feature of the wondrous landscape of Arizona. On the way to Monument Valley we will stop and look at some rarely visited prehistoric Anasazi cliff dwellings. This area is dotted with unvisited Anasazi ruins and there are many remnants of pottery and artifacts of this ancient Native American culture.  In the afternoon the journey leads us past Skelton Mesa and into the majestic vistas of Monument Valley. Driving through the Valley there will be ample opportunities for photos and time permitting a short hike. Then driving on past the interesting rock formation and tiny town of Mexican Hat we venture up the infamous Moki Dugway, a rough road that switchbacks up 1000 feet on the side of Cedar Mesa. A short ride on top of Cedar Mesa takes us to this nights remote campsite on Muley Point with broad vistas overlooking Glen Canyon and Monument Valley. Much deserved drinks and sunset photos of Monument Valley in the distance will be the precursor to a full and delicious meal on the rim.

Day 4

Day breaks on Muley Point with stunning views of Monument Valley as the sun lights up the monoliths for ample photo ops.  Then breaking camp we drive on to one of the highlights of the trip, a three mile hike to the one of the best archaeology sites on Cedar Mesa, Moon House Ruin. This extensive ruin has three dwellings with 49 rooms and is named such because of a moon painted on the interior wall of one of it’s rooms. When the exploring is finished, the drive back down Cedar Mesa and the Moki Dugway ends with a driving tour of the monoliths of the Valley of the Gods. As the van heads back to Sedona it again traverses Monument Valley and the Navajo Reservation. The final meal of the trip will be a stop at the historic Cameron Trading Post for Navajo Tacos on the edge of the Reservation before ending the day in Sedona.

Length: 4 days

Cost:  $1200/person

Two people minimum to book a trip

Group size maximum is 8 guests


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