Frequently Asked Questions and Policies

How to Make Reservations

Contact us to see if your particular date(s) is available.

(928) 600-5755 or

Our four day camping trips run from Monday – Thursday.

Our full day trips can run any day of the year.

Once you confirm your trip date and send us (PayPal or personal check) a deposit for the trip, we will mail you out a registration form to fill out. At the same time we will send you a packing list for the four day camping trips and a list of local accommodations in Sedona, for the nights before and after your trip.


Camping Trips: We require a $150 deposit for each trip registration. The remainder trip payment is due 45 days before the trip departs.

If your reservation is made within the 45-day period before your trip, full payment is due at the time of booking.

Day Trips: We require a $100 deposit. Remainder is due day of trip.

We currently accept checks and PayPal. Please call Bevin at (928) 600-5755 to make payment arrangements.

What about cancellations?

For Camping Trips, cancellations before 45 days we return 50% of the deposit, and for cancellations after 45 days we retain 50% of the fare, and within 30 days of the trip we retain the entire amount, unless we can resell your place on the trip. We are happy to credit any money received towards another trip. Guide gratuities are not included in the trip price. We also reserve the right to change trip destinations due to local weather conditions. If you have questions about this, please call (928) 600-5755.

For Day Trips, cancellation within 7 days of the trip we will refund 50% of the deposit.

What’s the best way to get to Sedona for your 4 day camping trip?

The answer depends on what extra activities you plan to engage in either before or after your trip with us. If you are unsure about renting a car in Phoenix, there are several car rental locations in Sedona if you decide to rent a car after the trip is complete. To get to Sedona you can contact the Phoenix/Sedona Shuttle at: 928-350-8466

If you do decide to rent a car, you should make arrangements to leave it parked at your place of accommodation as we do not provide long-term parking.

Should I buy trip insurance?

We do recommend getting trip insurance. We understand that things happen in our busy world, and things change. Please read more about our cancellation policy.

Are there weather considerations?

Almost always the weather is pleasant in Northern Arizona. Very rarely will rain last more than a day. In the extremely rare situations of rain lasting days we might have to cancel a trip because much of our trip involves off road traversing. In the case of the extremely unlikely event of a trip cancelling because of weather, In the case of us having to cancel a trip due to weather your trip insurance will come in handy (for airline and hotel reservations). Keep in mind that whether you need to cancel a trip or we do, we will book another trip at your earliest next possible convenience at no additional charge to you.

What is included in the four day camping trips?

For the four day camping trips we provide; transportation from your hotel or airbnb in Sedona; all the camping equipment; all food and beverages; showers; first aid equipment, water and maps. Once you book a trip with us we will send you out a complete list of what we specifically will bring for you and what personal items we recommend you bring for yourselves.

What is provided for the single day trips?

We provide transportation from your place of accommodation. Lunch is included for the day trips, as is water and snacks and first aid equipment.

What is unique about trips with Soul of the Southwest?

This company is about experiencing the soul of this unique landscape. To do so one needs to have the ability to experience it in all of her moods, often one on one. Social interaction is not the goal of our trips. In attaining this goal we take you to spots that are not highly visited by other people. This is how we differ from other companies, plain and simple.

We honor how others may experience the soul of the Plateau, and attempt to offer experiences that are in alignment with your desires. Whether it includes hiking, meditating, yoga or just the chance to be by yourself. We are here to support the deepest longing you may have for communion.

What kind of equipment do we use?

We want to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible on our camping trips. For this reason we use very roomy 4 person tents for couples, or spacious 2 person tents for singles. Making sure that you get a good’s night sleep is of top priority for us, so you are provided with thick foam pads or air mattresses for sleeping on. While we do suggest that you bring your own sleeping bags, we can provide super soft and roomy, warm sleeping bags for a comfortable nights sleep if you’d rather we provide the bags for you. Please contact us for a complete list of the items we provide on the camping trips.

What People Say About Our Tours

  • This (trip) was one of the most exciting adventures I have had in a long time. Bevin worked very hard to make sure we were well taken care of. I definitely would like to do it again.

    Steve R. Phoenix